Weekend Tour Operator For Monchasha In Kolkata

Monchasha Located on the banks of Bagda River in the remote village of Paushi, in East Midnapur district of West Bengal, it has an interesting story behind its development.

There is an orphanage called Antyodoy Anath Ashram in Paushi. The primary aim of this orphanage is to provide food and shelter to the parent-less children or single parent children, abandoned by their family. The orphanage is operated by Sri Balaram Karan, who was an owner of a medicine shop at Kalianagar. To run the orphanage, he sold out most of his assets. After sometime, an ashram was constructed to provide shelter to the destitute children. Now, to support this noble cause, Monchasha has been built, which is a sprawling eco-tourism project.

You can visit “Sahajiya” during daytime and try your hand in painting or sculpting. It is also an “adda maancha” for the guests. Take your children to Tala Bhangar Poth, the play station, where he will truly enjoy playing Carom, Ludo and other traditional folk style games like Guti Khela, Guli Danda, Bagh-Bandi, Luko-Churi, Jor-Bijor, Ekka Dokka etc. However, the best thing to do in Monchasha is to savor nature – you can take long walks along the Bagda River or visit the nearby villages to watch life flow in a different tune.