Providing artificial stone production line, Construction Adhesives, Paint and Resin

Sam Sang is a technical company in the field of Building new industries Worked since 2007. Our specialized staff and engineers, chemical and polymer industry build new products based on Nano science and were used in the construction industry. Over the years, several patents were registered in the name of our industrial group. Now ready to provide three production lines to produce products which are very widely used in construction industry:
1- Artificial stone production line: This production line is capable of producing more than 300 kinds of Useful stones including face stones-decorative stones- Stepping stone-mosaic- tile stoneā€¦) And fully automatic computer control production capacity of 500 square meters per shift needs only five workers.
Marble, granite and natural stones ability to copy the product for consumption within and outside of the building and In terms of appearance are very close to natural stones. (The price of the entire product line Construction adhesives product line + Training and transfer of technical knowledge+ Installation is 62800 USD)
2- Construction adhesives product line: Types of tile adhesives (Paste and powder) – Glossy resin color level- Primers and Adhesive stones
Colored pointing powder (Price Machines + Training and transfer of technical knowledge is 12000 USD)
3- Line Paints for building: To produce plastic and acrylic water-based paints for indoor and outdoor view
Production of Oil-based paints and insulation for wood, metal and stone in the range of 24 colors
Water-based water insulation
(Price line machinery+ Training and transfer of technical knowledge is 25500 USD)
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