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Lead Management Software from SunSmart Global @ 9884271958, mail @ [email protected] is a set of methodologies, systems and practices designed to generate the new potential client, through a variety of marketing campaigns or programs. Sales Lead Management is the most innovative management system to help the large enterprise in every aspect of lead generation. nTireLeads is a 100% web based solution that is attainable over internet. The main aim of Lead Management System is designed to maintain the volume of business enquiries and frequent leads. Lead Management System is accessed through desktops, laptops, iPADS, smartphones etc., Lead Management Software is designed for business to business and direct to customer strategies. Our nTireLeads supports some business verticals such as Banking, financial services, marketing agencies, Retail, Health care and BPO. Our SunSmart established the service since 2005, and customers got satisfied with our invaluable services. For more details, visit our website @ http://sunsmart.co.in/lead-management-software-india-chennai-mumbai-bangalore-delhi.aspx