(Home based data entry work) image files to MS Word for 5 PC

Data: 1200 to 1350 Pages
Duration: 22 Days to 25 Days (As specified by the company)
Enrollment Fee:
Rs 75,000 & Rs 50,000/- Refundable* Valid for One Year (8 slots)
* Rs 50,000/- Refundable only in case if you achieve the accuracy level above 97% for continuous three times.
The job work will be renewed for the next year if provided accuracy of 97% and above for three times
Requirements: Two Photos, Address & ID Proof, Email ID and 100 Rs Stamp paper.
Payment according to your accuracy:
97% & above = Rs 50,000/-
90% & above = Rs 37,500/-
80% & above = Rs 25,000/-
70% & above = Rs 12,500/-
Below 70 % = No Payment
You have to do it in Ms Word 2003 version.
Job works will be placed on 2nd and 18th day of every month
Payment Mode:
10 working days for receiving the accuracy report after the deadline of the project. 5 days for receiving the payments after getting the accuracy report payments are made through cheque.
If a person does not work or achieves accuracy less than 70% for three projects, his id will be canceled without any information.

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