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hair growth the PAPILLA nurtures MATRIX CELLS with growth factors such as INSULIN LIKE GROWTH FACTOR.The matrix cells secrete growth factors which stimulate the papilla. The dermal papilla is mesenchyme derived structure which play major role in induction and maintenance of hair growth.The scalp hair follicles takeup the circularing TESTOSTERONE and with the help of 5-ALPHA-REDUCTASE type 2-enzyme converts it into DIHYDRO TESTOSTERONE [DHT] . This DHT binds with AR and activates ANDROGEN RECEPTOR GENES.
Due to 5 alpha – DHT in the hair follicles there is decreased conc. Of “C AMP” which causes the shortening of hair cycle, finally this leads to transition of Anagen hairs to Telogen hairs with total loss of hair and baldness.In addition balding scalp contains less AROMATASE which converts testosterone to estradiol. In women this enzyme maintains the frontal hairlines.