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Film editing course

They say ‘50% of a film is made in the editing table’ & it’s totally true. The editor plays a huge role in making the final output, be it a film or music video or advertisement, look great.

A film or video editor is responsible for gathering recorded raw material into a fine finished product that’s appropriate for broadcasting. The raw material may include camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and visual effects.

Editing is another profession that is gaining recognition with the creative youth today. As an industry too, Editing has evolved greatly in the last few years with lots of jobs created in new domains like Television channels, Web TV, Corporate videos, Internet content providing companies etc.

Avid & FCP are the 2 editing software that we teach at Web D School. We follow an industry relevant & updated curriculum & also organize seminars and workshops regularly, which would be conducted by the experts from the postproduction studios.

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